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Election Year Polis claims he is saving hard working Coloradans money. In reality, he and his partner in crime Joe Biden, are in denial about the recession our country is facing. Instead of providing real solutions, Jared Polis is doubling down on Joe Biden’s reckless policies that are making Colorado more expensive and less safe. Our kids are failing and Polis is pushing parents out of the classroom. The Polis Tax is a one-stop-shop to see the 100 ways Polis has made it harder to live, work, raise a family in our beautiful state.

Polis' Colorado

#43 – Crippling Cost of Car Thefts

Thanks to Jared Polis’ soft on crime policies, Colorado ranks #1 in the country for auto thefts. According to a recent study by the Common Sense Institute, these thefts will cost Coloradans nearly $1 billion in losses this year.


Since 2019, auto thefts in Colorado have increased 120.6%. More than 4,000 vehicles are stolen on average each month. Polis’ failed, soft on crime policies are hurting hardworking, everyday Coloradans. 85.6% of the vehicles being stolen are valued at $24,999 or less. 63.5% of the vehicles being stolen are valued at less than $15,000. When you steal someone’s primary mode of transportation, you steal their livelihood. Those who can least afford it in our state are being impacted the most.


#44 – Skyrocketing Rent

Rent across Colorado is skyrocketing. This, coupled with the worst inflation in the country since Biden took office, makes Colorado one of the most expensive places to live.

Denver’s median rent has increased by 45.7% in the past year, ranking the city as the 9th most expensive city in the U.S. The median asking rent in Denver is $2,550. The most expensive small city in the U.S. is Silverthorne, with a median rent of $3,500. Boudler ranks 5th at $2,850 and the Fort Collins/Loveland area ranks 8th at $2,730. Greeley has the 7th fastest growing rent in the country at $2,350. Who has been in charge over the time of this increase? Biden and Polis. Just another example of how your life is getting more and more expensive here in Colorado thanks to Jared Polis.

#45 – Everything Costs More in Colorado

Update: Colorado still has the worst inflation in the country. Last week, the Joint Economic Committee released new data that shows Colorado still leads the country in inflation by state. Colorado’s inflation stands at 15.6% compared to what it was when Joe Biden took office. It costs Colorado families $953 more a month ( $11,436 more a year) in total costs to pay for basic needs. That breaks down to $116 more for food, $169 more for shelter, $372 more for transportation, and $188 more for energy. Thanks to horrible policies by Biden and Polis, everything costs more for the average family in our beautiful state.

#46 – Fees to Force Us Out of our Cars

Lots of people are moving to our beautiful state, which isn’t surprising given all that we have to offer. But one thing that will be an unwanted welcome gift is the new pro-rated taxes and fees if someone doesn’t register their vehicle in the allotted time. Over the next 5 years, the state is expected to collect over 28 million dollars in new fees. People should register their cars on time, but when Colorado is one of the most expensive places to live, this just makes it worse. From failing to expand roads to increasing fees, Jared Polis wants to make sure you give up the freedom to drive and walk or bike to work instead—something that is just not feasible in many parts of our beautiful state.

#47 – Election Year Polis Ploys

It’s classic Election Year Polis. He’s relaxing several taxes for a year, an election year, to gain favor. In today’s instance, the fee concerns our mental health professionals. These health care workers are a key part of our community and deserve any support we can give them. Unfortunately, HB22-1299 is another election year ploy that works to cover the cost of various boards that regulate mental heath professionals and reduce other licensing fees but ONLY for the next fiscal year. We need tax reform in our state that begins by calling fees what they are unapproved TAXES and getting them to the people of Colorado for a vote.

#48 – Housing Wrapped in Red Tape

24% of the cost of building a home in Colorado goes to red tape – regulations. Staying in tune with his song, Jared Polis is adding even more regulations to housing, this time to tiny homes, which are becoming more popular here in Colorado. Under HB22-1242, DORA fees will increase to $100.55 for electrical permits, $27.23 for plumbing permits, and an estimated $419 in certifications. We need to cut back regulations and make it easier to build homes, not harder.

It’s too expensive to own a home in our state. Colorado is one of the top five most expensive states to buy a house in. The median home price in Colorado is $343,300.

#49 – Polis’ Broken Election Promise

In 2018 when Jared Polis ran for governor he pledged to reduce “special interest” tax benefits. But, a new report from the Independence Institute shows that he failed to deliver on that promise, and that his actions, on the contrary, will increase the special interest benefits by $640 million over a decade. This is just another example of how Jared Polis is making things more expensive here in CO. He is depriving the government of money in order to fund other parts of the budget by giving special interests a cheaper day with the tax man.

#50 – Energy Fees & Timely Reminder about the Polis Premium!

Energy prices here in Colorado are some of the most expensive in the nation. While this hurts Colorado families everyday, Jared Polis is collecting more than two million dollars in fees on the energy industry as he works to implement the Green New Deal here in Colorado. Those fees will only continue to raise your energy costs and further hurt Colorado families as they struggle to afford to provide for their households.

This is a good time to remind you about the Polis Premium. For three years, Governor Jared Polis has refused to submit a waiver to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would prevent hardworking Coloradans from paying 20 to 30 cents per gallon more for gas. Because he missed the EPA deadline to submit the waiver that his predecessor, John Hickenlooper, submitted, the EPA has downgraded the Denver area from a serious polluter to a severe polluter. That means, starting in the summer of 2024, gas stations must use a more expensive, refined fuel that emits fewer pollutants. It will cost you 20-30 cents more per gallon.

#51 – Medical Treatment Fees

HB21-1317 has raised the medical marijuana application processing fee by $4.50. Yes, we need to do more studies and education on the impacts of marijuana, but the people of Colorado shouldn’t have to suffer for previously poor legislation. The fee now stands at $29.50 and the Department of Public Health and Environment says this will not sustain the operations in the long term, so we’re likely to see more fees for treatment.

52 – Fueling Polis’ Green New Deal

Tax credits are normally a good thing. But HB22-1026 is one that only promotes Jared Polis’ $5.4 billion Green New Deal. He wants you to ride a bus or use an electric scooter. Trying to get from Fort Collins to Denver for work? You’ll have to leave pretty darn early to make it on time if you’re riding a scooter.

What we really need is to expand our roads and make it easier to drive while also lowering our carbon emissions. Getting drivers where they are going quicker will save time and money. See for my plan to cut emissions and expand our roads all over the state.

#53 – Another Health Care Fee

Health care costs are out of hand in part because over regulation. Here’s yet another example of the negative impact. HB21-1300 creates a new $8 fee on liens. For those that cannot afford health insurance or do not have the cash on hand, a lien can be a good option, but that option just got more expensive for the people of Colorado.

#54 – Another Fee For Medical Professionals

Another fee for medical professionals that will be passed onto you. SB21-021 enters Colorado into the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact, pending its adoption by ten or more states. The compact requires that member states recognize licenses for audiology or speech-language pathology issued by any other member state, including practicing telehealth services, and establishes minimum criteria for such licenses. This is great news for our audiologists and speech pathologists. The $175.53 fee is not good news for you because it will no doubt raise your bill.

#55 – Green Energy Tax on Businesses

The Green New Deal is alive and well here in Colorado, and once again it is costing the people of Colorado too much of their hard-earned dollars. Under HB21-1286, businesses that own large covered buildings will be forced to pay a $100 fee (an unapproved tax) to enroll in a program that tells them how to reduce their green house gas emissions by certain percentages. If they fail to meet those standards, they will be fined. This is peak Polis: tax businesses and then use the money to push your agenda.

#56 – Total Drag: More Towing Fees

Any day you have to use a towing company is usually a very bad day. Well, that bad day just got a little more expensive. Thanks to HB21-1283, the state will collect an estimated $24,841 in fees from towing companies. And guess what? Yet again, these small business owners will have no other choice but to charge you more for their services.

#57 – Fees on Those that Keep Us Safe

Radon is a harmful gas that endangers Coloradans, but why should the professionals that measure levels and work to protect us have to pay an unnecessary fee to do so? HB21-1195 will charge radon professionals a $375 fee for their license. Yet another cost passed along to hard-working Coloradans.

#58 – More Therapist Fees

Colorado is joining an interstate compact that will allow occupational therapists to work in multiple states under one license. But wait, there is a catch that will make your visit to the therapist more expensive. To benefit from the compact privilege, therapists and assistants will pay a new $50.77 compact fee.

#59 – Fees, Fees, and More (Telecom) Fees

Telecommunication companies that provide service to corrections facilities in our state are now required to keep and maintain data and records related to the services they provide and share that information with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). They will also be charged a $334,900 regulatory fee to do it. Just another example of over regulation. And the telecommunications company will no doubt pass the cost along to guess who? You the Taxpayer. Thanks Jared!

#60 – Paying for Polis’ Green New Deal

Colorado already has a Green New Deal thanks to Jared Polis. HB21-1266 is just another piece of Polis’ hectic push for renewables that is impacting your life. If power plants don’t meet mandated green house gas levels, they will be charged an estimated $3.7 million in fees. Unfortunately for you, those fees will be passed along to you, the taxpayer, and consumer, in higher energy costs.

We all want to protect our land and water. That can be done by embracing an all-of-the above energy approach that does not put our oil and gas industry out of business at the expense of renewables that are NOT yet ready to be the only source of energy for our state. Colorado produces some of the cleanest energy in the nation and faces some of the tightest regulations. California has shown us what forced energy mandates lead to. Let’s elect someone who can keep the lights on!

#61 – $90M Faulty COVID Tests

It’s a nearly $90 million political favor that came during the height of COVID, as Colorado faced the highest rate of nursing home deaths in the nation. In September of 2020, the Polis Administration paid a fledgling start-up company called Curative $90 million for faulty COVID tests. The tests were given out primarily to nursing homes.

The deal was a no-bid contract. Curative had virtually no data to support its new COVID testing. Polis heard about the company from a major Democratic campaign donor who had a financial stake in the fledgling company.

Curative had no FDA approval for the type of testing the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) was recommending. The head of seven nursing homes sounded the alarm that these tests were bringing back “false positives,” and on January 4th, 2021, the FDA issued a warning against using Curative tests. It took two weeks for the CDPHE to finally decide to stop using these tests. From Nov. 1, 2020 and Jan. 3, 2021, Colorado saw the highest number of nursing home deaths in the nation.

We need transparency and ethics in our government. We need a governor that will admit failures, investigate problems, act with honesty, and refuse to let political cronies guide policy and dictate state business.

#62 – More Mortgage Fees

Trying to get a mortgage? Your closing costs probably just got a little higher thanks to Jared Polis. Since the 2008 recession and housing crisis, non-bank mortgage servicers like Quicken Loans and PennyMac have grown substantially. Today, they service over half of all mortgages in the United States. Under HB21-1282, these mortgage services now fall under the state’s Consumer Credit Code and will now have to pay a new $1,010 fee.

#63 – More Government Growth!

Natural disasters are a terrible thing and we should do everything to mitigate them WITHOUT creating another way to go around the taxpayer and hit you with fees and more government bureaucracy. Jared Polis’s solution to fighting natural disasters is yet another government enterprise, the Natural Disaster Mitigation Enterprise.

This new enterprise charges a $2 fee for every policy that meets the requirements. Guess what? This will mean a higher insurance rate for you. Yet another tax that is masked as a fee by the Polis Administration. Keep in mind that Jared Polis has grown the size of our state government by 25% since taking office.

#64 – Another Tax on Energy

Jared Polis has been attacking the oil and gas industry from day one, and HB21-1189 is just another example of over regulation and overbearing government fees on the industry. This law will cost the oil and gas industry an estimated 600-800k to purchase an air quality monitoring van. Yes, a weather van. Colorado deserves a clean energy future, but one that works for all of Colorado, not just Polis. We need to embrace an all-of-the above energy approach that does not put our oil and natural gas industries out of business and cost hard working Coloradans too much for energy.

#65 – Winery License Fee

Jared Polis promotes capitalism and entrepreneurship, but continues to add fees to create and permit them. A new law he signed, will double the number of potential wineries in Colorado, which is a good thing. The bad part is that there will be a $125 fee for a permit for new locations from existing wineries within a ten-mile radius of the original establishment. Same song, different verse: The fees will become an added cost for you the consumer.

#66 – Fees on Recovery Support Service Organizations

The bill will charge a $200 application fee to recovery support service organizations. These organizations should not be hit with unnecessary costs in providing care to those that most need it. This may be a minor fee that only impacts a few organizations, but it speaks to Polis’ tax and spend agenda of adding fees that will be passed along to the people of Colorado.

#67 – Increased Fees for Doctors, Nurses, & Veterinarians

Keeping in step with his tax and spend ways, Jared Polis is once again raising the cost of taxes (he mistakenly calls fees) on a vital sector of Coloradans. Today, we’re talking about fees for Licensed Practitioners. That includes dentists, doctors, nurses, optometrists, podiatrists, and veterinarians. The fee to practice will be increased from $12 to $13.75 in FY 21-22 and then to $25 in FY 22-23. The fee increase is thanks to Polis signing HB21-1012 into law. Those who provide medical care for us should not be charged more in fees to do so. And let’s be real, that cost is only going to be passed onto the taxpayer.

#68 – More Fees to Keep Your Car on the Road

The Department of Revenue will now charge third-party providers $3.00 per transaction to register and title vehicles in Colorado. That means it will now cost more to license and title your cars and trucks. The new fee is expected to generate 6 million dollars. With the high price of gas, the state should be doing all it can to lower the cost of keeping cars compliant.

#69 – $35K for Polis’ Silence on Employee Misconduct

Colorado taxpayers will now pay for an expensive and time-consuming investigation into the leadership failures of one of Jared Polis’ top bureaucrats. A very disturbing Denver Post piece highlights the indefensible behavior of Polis’ Emergency Management Director, Mike Willis. According to the report, Willis “has displayed a pattern of aggressive behavior and inappropriate, unprofessional conduct, according to interviews with 23 current and former colleagues, state and federal government officials.” In fact, the Post reports Willis has been suspended twice in the past two years for behavior like this.

Instead of explaining how long Polis knew about Willis’ indefensible behavior and failed to hold him accountable, Polis ordered an investigation into the workplace environment at the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Polis’ silence and lack of leadership will cost us $35,000 and likely months with no answers about Willis’ actions.

#70 – Hotline Tax

The 988 crisis hotline is an asset to Coloradans. But the law that created it, SB21-154, went around the voters for funding. The law implemented yet another government enterprise, the 988 Crisis Hotline Enterprise, that is housed in the Department of Human Services. The enterprise sets and imposes a surcharge for users of up to 30 cents per month. Each service provider is required to collect the monthly tax and get it to the public utility commission. This is yet another example of going around the tax payer and calling a tax something other than what it is.

#71 – Polis’ Personal Finances

There is a lack of transparency and honesty in how Governor Polis handles his own finances, so imagine how his government runs! Polis didn’t pay federal income taxes for three straight years-2013, 2014, or 2015. He supports taxing the rich and yet, as a multi-millionaire, doesn’t even pay taxes himself.

Polis uses a lot of his money to advance his political career and that of other Democrats. He spent $1.2 million on his State Board of Education election race. Then he spent an unheard of $23 million on his last gubernatorial race. He has said he’ll spend up to $70 million this time around. He pretends to cap personal donations at $100 to show a concern for his grassroots, but then he dumps millions in without regard to how that impacts election results. Should we remind you that you just spent nearly $3 million of YOUR money on election-year TABOR refunds? We’re still waiting to hear if he will pay us back that money.

#72 – Driver’s License Tax: Is Continuing to Pay Taxes a “Gift”?

Jared Polis and his radical friends in the legislature are billing this one as a “fee reduction,” when in reality it’s just another delayed tax. Polis signed a law (HB 22-1004) which will keep driver’s license registration fees at the current rate, $30.87 during this election year. After the election however, you better believe we’ll see the $2 a year increase they say they have “saved” us. The message from the Polis Administration is that hard-working families are getting a gift since he’s not increasing this fee, yet!

#74 – Childcare Costs

Colorado families are forced to pay for household goods at horrifically high price thanks to Jared Polis. In yet another way that Colorado is too expensive for families, Colorado ranks 8th in the nation among the most expensive childcare. The average cost for infant childcare is $1,277 per month, costing 60.6% more than in-state tuition for colleges! Childcare for 4-year-old costs $1032 a month, or $12,390 for the year. Record inflation is killing family budgets and making it harder for them to provide for the care their kids need.

Polis wants credit for “universal” preschool education, but his law only provides for 10 hours a week, hardly enough to truly help out Colorado families. It also comes with a 100 million dollar price tag and yet another government agency.

#75 – Fees “Nearly” Waived to Start a New Business

In another election year ploy, Jared Polis is temporarily lowering the fee to start a new business to $1, until after the November election. Suddenly, Polis wants us to believe he has Colorado’s small businesses at heart. Business owners don’t forget March 16th, 2020 when Polis ordered restaurants to close their doors the next day (#98 on the Polis Tax). Despite what he says, Polis shut businesses down, and many of them could not recover. According to the Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA) more Colorado restaurants will close this year than did in 2021 because of inflation, supply issues, rising operational costs, labor shortages and lingering effects from the pandemic.

And remember, nothing the government gives you is free. It will cost the state roughly $8.4 million dollars for this fee break, which lasts from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

#76 – The Polis 20% Property Tax

Property values have soared in Colorado. That is costing families a property tax increase of 20-30 percent this year. Governor Jared Polis signed a bill to give Coloradans a two year reduction on their property taxes by subsidizing them with tax payer money. With rising home costs and the affordable housing crisis in our state, Polis should put a cap on the property tax permanently and not as just another election year ploy. A measure aimed at capping property tax rates failed to make the ballot this year. So, no relief is in sight, yet! We need a governor who will look to preemptively save you money and not tax you into oblivion.

#77 – Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Under Governor Jared Polis, Colorado has overpaid more than $73.1 million in fraudulent unemployment benefit payments. That figure is from March 2020 to April of 2021. This amount of misallocated funds is simply unacceptable. This includes almost $4 million that was paid to dead people. While Colorado families that need unemployment deal with long wait times, 7 weeks on average, thieves thrive on the system. We need to overhaul an obviously failing Department of Labor and get help faster to the people of Colorado that actually need help, rather than criminals.

Colorado ranks 5th in the nation in the percentage of improper unemployment insurance payments. From July 2018 to June 2021, 26.97% of payments were overpayments. This is simply unacceptable.

#78 – Rental Car Fees

It’s not just ride-sharing services and deliveries that are being slapped with increased fees from Jared Polis’ massive $5.4 billion transportation law. Along with a 27 cent delivery tax and the 30 cent ride-sharing tax, are changes for the rental car industry. Instead of waiving the already existing $2 a day fee for rental cars up to 30 days, Polis has indexed the fee for inflation. Electric cars aren’t immune from these new fees under SB21-260 either. But, we’ll save that depressing news for another day. Oh and if you are wondering, much of this transportation money is being funneled to Polis’ pet green projects INSTEAD of fixing our roads.

#79 – Profiting off Therapists

Despite the shortage of actual therapists to help fight Colorado’s mental health crisis, Jared Polis has decided to add more bureaucracy.  Polis has added the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) to his ever expanding government.  Buckle down, therapists, as of July 2024, you will pay higher fees from the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) and the BHA. Beginning in the Fiscal Year 2023-24, $225,000 in licensing fee revenue will go to the BHA. And, let’s look at the bigger picture of what the BHA will cost Colorado. For the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 it will cost us $2,928,648. Do we need a new, massive, taxpayer funded entity to figure out how to reform Colorado’s behavioral health care system? Let TABOR do its job and allow the taxpayers to decide.

#80 – Election Year Trick on Healthcare Workers

Another one of Election Year Polis’ tricks, this time involving our state’s healthcare workers! Polis is putting an election year pause on credentialing fees for nurses, psychiatric technicians, and nursing aids. The fee relief will be temporary and end in two years. The more generous thing to do would be to get rid of the fee and let the voters decide. All of these unapproved taxes, which is what they are, will go right back into effect if Polis is re-elected.

#81 – $30.5 Million in Organized Labor Costs

Jared Polis has signed a law that will cost Colorado counties up to $2.1 million each to comply with. SB22-230 grants collective bargaining rights to those who work for Colorado’s county governments. To meet these extra staffing needs, large counties will have to spend $2,144,950, medium-sized counties will spend $436,892, and small counties will spend $100,000. I support workers, but that’s $30.5 million in unplanned, extra staffing needs. Most counties will now need to hire legal and human resources employees that know labor laws and benefit plans for unions so that they can prepare for, negotiate, and manage collective bargaining agreements.

#82 The 65 Million Dollar Bus Fare

Jared Polis is spending $65 million to get our kids into electric school buses. At a time when 60% of our kids cannot read or do math at grade level, wouldn’t it be a better idea to invest in our students and teachers? Each electric school bus costs $400,000. That’s twice as much as traditional buses. It is clear Polis feels climate change is more important than teachers’ salaries. Teachers make an average of $51,000 in Colorado, with rural teachers making far less. This money could be used to pay our teachers more. This money could be used to help provide the school supplies that teachers are being forced to pay for out of their own pockets. Or, this money could be used to increase our per pupil funding, which currently stands at $7,225.28.

#83 – Ride-Sharing Fees

You won’t find all the hidden fees from Jared Polis’ massive $5.4 billion transportation law on his “Ways He is Saving You Money List.” Along with a 27 cent delivery tax, the law imposes a 30 cent ride-sharing tax. The tax has just gone into effect for car services like Uber and Lyft. You may not have heard about it because you did NOT vote on it. Polis went around the voters on this one- all in the name of his and Joe Biden’s Green New Deal. SB21-260 is packed with fees aimed at rushing the transition to renewables and forcing us out of our cars.

#84 – Plastic Bag Fee

Starting next year, yet another tax you had no say about will go into effect. This one is a 10-cent plastic bag fee that starts on January 1, 2023- right after the election. Jared Polis signed a law, HB 21-1162, banning stores from using plastic bags and plastic foam containers often used for carryout. The fee starts a year before the ban itself starts. The law allows local governments, who are in charge of enforcing the bans, to enact stricter bans than the state if they wish. The state has recommended fining stores that don’t comply.

#85 – Profiting Off Marshall Fire Victims

More than 1,000 homes were destroyed in the Marshall fire, and as homeowners struggle to rebuild, many are being victimized again. They are being hit by an unnecessary 2.9% state use tax. Use taxes are being applied to the materials to rebuild these Colorado homes. Jared Polis did nothing when the state legislature killed an amendment in SB22-206 that would have waived the use tax fee for those rebuilding their homes after the Marshall Fires. It seems obvious that the government should not benefit from a natural disaster that forces Coloradans to pay more taxes to rebuild their lives. Legislators who claim waiving the use tax for disaster victims would affect the budget should realize this is found money.

#86 – The Fentanyl Crisis

The fentanyl crisis in Colorado, which has been neglected by Jared Polis and gotten worse, must be addressed. In 2020, Colorado reported 540 fentanyl-related deaths– an increase of 143% since 2019. And, in 2021, the state reported 800 fentanyl-related deaths, or a 260% increase since 2019. While the loss of life is heartbreaking and detrimental, fentanyl also has an economic impact on the state. Did you know that since 2017, the share of opioid-related deaths attributed to fentanyl grew from 19% to 73%, amounting to a $11.1B total lifetime cost in 2021? Who’s to blame for the crisis? Jared Polis and the Democrat controlled state legislature. In 2019, they passed HB19-1263, which made possession of 4 grams or less of fentanyl a misdemeanor. The bill was so atrocious that Polis and the legislature passed a symbolic bill (HB22-1326) that makes possession of one gram of fentanyl or more a felony. HB22-1326 does nothing to truly curb the crisis we find ourselves in.

Nationwide, more than 150 people die every day from this poison, and in Colorado, someone overdoses every 5 hours and 56 minutes. Fentanyl has cost too many lives to not be taken seriously.

#87 – $1.1 million to Clean Up the People’s House

$1.1 million. That is how much it cost Colorado taxpayers to clean up and restore the State Capitol building after Governor Jared Polis did nothing to stop rioters in 2020. The graffiti they sprayed alone cost $160,000 to clean. Add to that the cost of replacing the 112 shattered windows and doors, the 11 broken security cameras, gates, flags, and lights that were damaged. Where was Jared Polis when all this was happening? He was safe at his home in Boulder. Polis did not comment for days. We must put an end to Jared Polis and Joe Biden’s soft-on-crime policies. Polis should have been at the Capitol flanked by the Colorado National Guard and the Colorado State Patrol. I will be a law and order governor who supports peaceful protests but holds criminals accountable.

#88 – Lieutenant Governor Double Dipping

While Coloradans are struggling to make ends meet, Jared Polis is paying his Lieutenant Governor Diana Primavera a second salary. Primavera is paid $90,797 in salary and benefits to run an office that has yet to provide any reason for its existence – The Office of Saving People Money on Healthcare. Primavera’s director salary is on TOP of the $93,620 she already gets as the LG. Polis created the office through an executive order. The office has released only one fact sheet on its website and does not tout any policy success in actually saving people money on healthcare. Even so, Primavera traveled to Australia on the taxpayer dime to learn more about how to cut costs. A bill aimed at holding the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care accountable was shot down by radical Democrats this year. Coloradans have NO idea what the office of saving you money on health care does especially since health care premiums are expected to rise in Colorado next year.

#89 – Worst Shelter Inflation in the Nation

More inflation blues for hardworking Colorado families. Housing costs are the most significant regular expense most households have. It’s heartbreaking to see that Colorado has the highest shelter inflation rate in the nation. It’s $149 higher when you compare June of 2022 to January 2021.  Homes are an investment. The number is broken down by what it would cost you to rent your own home. Not only is inflation out of control, but home prices here in Colorado are also making it impossible for more and more families and young people to afford the American Dream of owning your own home.

#90 – Worst Transportation Inflation in the Nation

Yes, we have the worst overall inflation rate in the United States at 14.9%. And, when you break it down into the four major spending categories: food, shelter, transportation, and energy, we are the worst in both transportation and shelter cost increases. In June of 2022, transportation costs were $417 per month higher than they were in January of 2021. That’s $5,004 more a year. Transportation costs include new and used car sales, car parts, motor vehicle fees, public transportation, and fuel. When you add this to the Polis’ Premium (51- cent hike in gas prices coming next summer – see #99) and the Polis Gax Tax (an 8-cent gas tax that starts phasing in after the election – see #93) it will soon be too expensive for hard-working families to get anywhere in Colorado.

#91 – Worst Inflation in the Nation

Colorado has the worst inflation rate of all 50 states at 14.9%! When you compare January 2021 prices to June 2022 prices, Colorado families are paying an average of $908 more per month for the very same things. When you look at what inflation is costing you for a year, it’s $10,848. Simply put, your money is not going anywhere near as far as it did a year ago. That hasn’t stopped Joe Biden and Jared Polis from spending at record levels. Jared Polis’ just signed the largest budget in Colorado history – $36 billion in spending.

#92 – $500M in Energy Killing Regulation Costs

Joe Biden & Jared Polis’ bad policies and added regulations have created a state of chaos for the energy industry. Add to that the far-left appointees Polis has placed on Colorado energy boards and commissions, which, like Polis, only want to see renewable energy used. Since the passage of SB-181, the oil and gas industry has paid about $500 million in more regulatory costs. That cost is passed on to you in the form of higher energy prices.

#93 – Polis’ Gas Tax Stunt

Jared Polis’ is doubling down on his friend Joe Biden’s far-left energy policies, which are aimed at crushing the oil and gas industry. In another election-year stunt, Jared Polis has delayed his own gas tax until shortly after the November election. Polis’ gas tax was supposed to take effect this year. Election Year Polis decided to delay it until after the election so he could attempt to buy votes for his re-election. Polis’ gas tax starts with a two-cent per gallon increase and then goes up another cent each year through 2028.

Right now, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in Colorado stands at $4.20 cents*. When Jared Polis took office, gas was $2.20. Heidi Ganahl believes in an all-of-the-above energy approach that will continue investments in renewables without putting our oil and gas industries out of business.


*As of August 7th, 2022


Thanks to Jared Polis’ soft-on-crime policies, Colorado is #1 in auto thefts, property crime, and bank robberies. Not only does this make our communities less safe, but according to the Common Sense Institute, it also cost Coloradans nearly $31 billion in crime-related costs in 2021. That’s $5,320 per person. If you break that number down, roughly $10 billion is in tangible costs. Intangible costs total more than $21.1 billion. Tangible costs are things like stolen property or medical bills from physical injuries. Intangible costs are changes to the quality of life resulting from psychological or behavioral changes.


Did you know the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) refund check that you are receiving this month is one that is legally already owed to you by the state of Colorado? It’s not a gift from Jared Polis and the Democrats. Colorado’s TABOR law requires the state government to give BACK any surplus in revenue that they collect to Coloradans. Polis cannot give you something that already belongs to you. Not to mention, the election-year scheme will cost nearly $3M in taxpayer dollars – just for Polis to mail the TABOR checks early, so that they are in mailboxes before the November 8th election. This is not only an added expense for taxpayers, but it’s also a campaign violation. Polis should use some of the $70M he says he is willing to spend to buy his re-election to pay back Coloradans who are forced to fund this election year scam.

#96 – License Plate Fees

Jared Polis’ goal is to get you off the road by making it too expensive to drive! Not only are gas prices out of control, under the Biden/Polis regime, but Colorado license plate fees are also tied for second highest in the nation. We pay more than double what most states pay. Think Polis is trying to help your budget out? Nope! He’s simply doubling down on every one of Joe Biden’s failed tax and spend policies.

#97 – Record High Spending

Jared Polis and his running mate Joe Biden have made it so that the government touches nearly every aspect of our lives. In fact, Polis just signed the state’s largest budget ever – $38.1 billion! The state’s budget increased almost 25% under Polis. Did your household budget also increase by 25%? Unfortunately, probably not. This growth in government spending shows he’s clearly NOT saving you – or anyone – money. Instead, Polis will go down in history as one of the worst “spending” governors. Hardworking Coloradans cannot afford the Polis/Biden ticket.

#98 – Mandated Business Shutdowns

Jared Polis would like us to forget what many small business owners in Colorado cannot: he signed 393 executive health orders, including some that shut down small businesses. Polis’ executive orders closed 28.4% of small businesses during the beginning of the pandemic. He picked the winners and losers – claiming some businesses were essential and could remain open and others were not. Small businesses make up 99.5% of our Colorado businesses and employ more than 45% of our workers. A few months after Polis’ 2020 shutdowns, Colorado’s GDP dropped more than 8% and Employment dropped 15%. The only thing Heidi Ganahl will mandate as governor is freedom.

#99 – The Polis Premium

Think gas prices are bad now? They are guaranteed to get much worse next summer, and Jared Polis is thrilled about it. Gas prices will be going up 51 cents a gallon because the EPA has deemed Colorado as a “severe polluter.” That means gas stations will have to start selling California-grade gas the EPA says will emit fewer pollutants.

Jared Polis wanted this ruling from the EPA. In fact, he never submitted the science showing that a significant portion of our state’s pollution came from beyond state lines. Even Polis’ predecessor John Hickenlooper submitted the waiver that prevented this from happening. Governor Polis has always said he won’t seek the exemption because again, it’s part of his Green New Deal that you the taxpayer are paying without your approval.

#100 – The Delivery Tax

At a time when the price of food and goods is at a record high, Jared Polis quietly implemented a 27-cent tax on all deliveries. That applies to everything from DoorDash, to Amazon, to groceries, to your Friday night pizza. The new fee, which went into effect July 1st, will fund electric vehicles and unlike your salary, it will increase with inflation. It’s part of Senate Bill 21-260 which includes several more hidden taxes we will highlight along this 100-day journey.

SB21-260 is Polis’ master plan to get around voters by splitting up the fees and funneling them into five new enterprises – only one of which can even portend to be about actually fixing our roads. Don’t take our word for it, their names speak for themselves: Community Access Enterprise, Clean Fleet Enterprise, Clean Transit Enterprise, Nonattainment Area Air Pollution Mitigation Enterprise, and Statewide Bridge and Tunnel Enterprise. Hmm. And people wonder why we can’t “fix the damn roads.” Perhaps that is because Polis is more concerned about taxing us so much we cannot afford to drive our cars and trucks.

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