#1 – Stealing the American Dream

Tomorrow is the day, Jared Polis will see the true impact of his failed policies, when Mad Moms and Dads vote him out of office. The American Dream is priceless, and Polis is stealing it away from our children here in this beautiful state. Crime is out of control. It’s too expensive to own a home, go to college, or start a business here. Our education system is failing too many of our kids, and we don’t give parents the option to choose a way out.

When Heidi Ganahl is elected governor, the Polis Tax will end, and Colorado will be back on the path to prosperity for all hard working families.

We’ve laid out the 100 ways Polis has made it harder to live, work, and raise a family in Colorado. The costliest tax is the burden he is placing on our children and grandchildren. The American Dream is slipping away under Polis’ watch, and it’s time we did something about it. Vote for Heidi Ganahl.