#100 – The Delivery Tax

At a time when the price of food and goods is at a record high, Jared Polis quietly implemented a 27-cent tax on all deliveries. That applies to everything from DoorDash, to Amazon, to groceries, to your Friday night pizza. The new fee, which went into effect July 1st, will fund electric vehicles and unlike your salary, it will increase with inflation. It’s part of Senate Bill 21-260 which includes several more hidden taxes we will highlight along this 100-day journey.

SB21-260 is Polis’ master plan to get around voters by splitting up the fees and funneling them into five new enterprises – only one of which can even portend to be about actually fixing our roads. Don’t take our word for it, their names speak for themselves: Community Access Enterprise, Clean Fleet Enterprise, Clean Transit Enterprise, Nonattainment Area Air Pollution Mitigation Enterprise, and Statewide Bridge and Tunnel Enterprise. Hmm. And people wonder why we can’t “fix the damn roads.” Perhaps that is because Polis is more concerned about taxing us so much we cannot afford to drive our cars and trucks.