#43 – Crippling Cost of Car Thefts

Thanks to Jared Polis’ soft on crime policies, Colorado ranks #1 in the country for auto thefts. According to a recent study by the Common Sense Institute, these thefts will cost Coloradans nearly $1 billion in losses this year.


Since 2019, auto thefts in Colorado have increased 120.6%. More than 4,000 vehicles are stolen on average each month. Polis’ failed, soft on crime policies are hurting hardworking, everyday Coloradans. 85.6% of the vehicles being stolen are valued at $24,999 or less. 63.5% of the vehicles being stolen are valued at less than $15,000. When you steal someone’s primary mode of transportation, you steal their livelihood. Those who can least afford it in our state are being impacted the most.