#60 – Paying for Polis’ Green New Deal

Colorado already has a Green New Deal thanks to Jared Polis. HB21-1266 is just another piece of Polis’ hectic push for renewables that is impacting your life. If power plants don’t meet mandated green house gas levels, they will be charged an estimated $3.7 million in fees. Unfortunately for you, those fees will be passed along to you, the taxpayer, and consumer, in higher energy costs.

We all want to protect our land and water. That can be done by embracing an all-of-the above energy approach that does not put our oil and gas industry out of business at the expense of renewables that are NOT yet ready to be the only source of energy for our state. Colorado produces some of the cleanest energy in the nation and faces some of the tightest regulations. California has shown us what forced energy mandates lead to. Let’s elect someone who can keep the lights on!