#69 – $35K for Polis’ Silence on Employee Misconduct

Colorado taxpayers will now pay for an expensive and time-consuming investigation into the leadership failures of one of Jared Polis’ top bureaucrats. A very disturbing Denver Post piece highlights the indefensible behavior of Polis’ Emergency Management Director, Mike Willis. According to the report, Willis “has displayed a pattern of aggressive behavior and inappropriate, unprofessional conduct, according to interviews with 23 current and former colleagues, state and federal government officials.” In fact, the Post reports Willis has been suspended twice in the past two years for behavior like this.

Instead of explaining how long Polis knew about Willis’ indefensible behavior and failed to hold him accountable, Polis ordered an investigation into the workplace environment at the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Polis’ silence and lack of leadership will cost us $35,000 and likely months with no answers about Willis’ actions.