#71 – Polis’ Personal Finances

There is a lack of transparency and honesty in how Governor Polis handles his own finances, so imagine how his government runs! Polis didn’t pay federal income taxes for three straight years-2013, 2014, or 2015. He supports taxing the rich and yet, as a multi-millionaire, doesn’t even pay taxes himself.

Polis uses a lot of his money to advance his political career and that of other Democrats. He spent $1.2 million on his State Board of Education election race. Then he spent an unheard of $23 million on his last gubernatorial race. He has said he’ll spend up to $70 million this time around. He pretends to cap personal donations at $100 to show a concern for his grassroots, but then he dumps millions in without regard to how that impacts election results. Should we remind you that you just spent nearly $3 million of YOUR money on election-year TABOR refunds? We’re still waiting to hear if he will pay us back that money.