#87 – $1.1 million to Clean Up the People’s House

$1.1 million. That is how much it cost Colorado taxpayers to clean up and restore the State Capitol building after Governor Jared Polis did nothing to stop rioters in 2020. The graffiti they sprayed alone cost $160,000 to clean. Add to that the cost of replacing the 112 shattered windows and doors, the 11 broken security cameras, gates, flags, and lights that were damaged. Where was Jared Polis when all this was happening? He was safe at his home in Boulder. Polis did not comment for days. We must put an end to Jared Polis and Joe Biden’s soft-on-crime policies. Polis should have been at the Capitol flanked by the Colorado National Guard and the Colorado State Patrol. I will be a law and order governor who supports peaceful protests but holds criminals accountable.