#88 – Lieutenant Governor Double Dipping

While Coloradans are struggling to make ends meet, Jared Polis is paying his Lieutenant Governor Diana Primavera a second salary. Primavera is paid $90,797 in salary and benefits to run an office that has yet to provide any reason for its existence – The Office of Saving People Money on Healthcare. Primavera’s director salary is on TOP of the $93,620 she already gets as the LG. Polis created the office through an executive order. The office has released only one fact sheet on its website and does not tout any policy success in actually saving people money on healthcare. Even so, Primavera traveled to Australia on the taxpayer dime to learn more about how to cut costs. A bill aimed at holding the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care accountable was shot down by radical Democrats this year. Coloradans have NO idea what the office of saving you money on health care does especially since health care premiums are expected to rise in Colorado next year.