#90 – Worst Transportation Inflation in the Nation

Yes, we have the worst overall inflation rate in the United States at 14.9%. And, when you break it down into the four major spending categories: food, shelter, transportation, and energy, we are the worst in both transportation and shelter cost increases. In June of 2022, transportation costs were $417 per month higher than they were in January of 2021. That’s $5,004 more a year. Transportation costs include new and used car sales, car parts, motor vehicle fees, public transportation, and fuel. When you add this to the Polis’ Premium (51- cent hike in gas prices coming next summer – see #99) and the Polis Gax Tax (an 8-cent gas tax that starts phasing in after the election – see #93) it will soon be too expensive for hard-working families to get anywhere in Colorado.