Did you know the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) refund check that you are receiving this month is one that is legally already owed to you by the state of Colorado? It’s not a gift from Jared Polis and the Democrats. Colorado’s TABOR law requires the state government to give BACK any surplus in revenue that they collect to Coloradans. Polis cannot give you something that already belongs to you. Not to mention, the election-year scheme will cost nearly $3M in taxpayer dollars – just for Polis to mail the TABOR checks early, so that they are in mailboxes before the November 8th election. This is not only an added expense for taxpayers, but it’s also a campaign violation. Polis should use some of the $70M he says he is willing to spend to buy his re-election to pay back Coloradans who are forced to fund this election year scam.